Today 60% of web users use mobile devices to access website. This is primarily done by them to search for product & services, compare prices, read reviews, find restaurant, hotels, gifts , shopping and lot more activities.
Your mobile website is a critical element in the establishment of new customer relationships. More users than ever before turn to their phone or tablet when they need answers. You need a top quality mobile website that allows buyers to find your company in the array of search results online. Our clients’ mobile websites help them be seen online.
The easiest way to build your mobile site is to modify your existing website to make it compatible for mobile handsets. If you decide to do so, expect that there will be big changes in terms of layout, design and construction. In turn, you’ll find an increase in sales and customers. Your URL says much about your mobile website. So think of using the better .mobi domain which indicates a mobile experience instead of .com, .edu, .org, etc. that stand for a desktop web experience.
Here are the principles:

1.Layout- keep it simple and easy to navigate.
2.Content- clear and concise content is more efficient.
3.Coding- make it easy for your behind the scenes business management.
4.Images- use clear photos that appeal to the customer.
5.Page Size- make it readable.
6.Page Links- keep your links short and minimal.

We follow W3C validated guideline, HTML 5 coding structure and CSS 3 to provide you maximum support for all mobile platforms. Mobile devices support different screen size and resolutions; we create fluid based mobile web design, so that it will be compatible for all screen size and resolutions
We also create a planned way for structuring the content and navigation flow in the mobile website, such that in a limited space, you can organize the required information for your visitor. We will reduce the number of http requests, images size and minify JavaScript to minimize the download time and size of the webpage to provide your visitor a positive user experience while accessing the mobile website.

a.Website Analysis
b.Website Planning
c.Website Development
d.Testing, Re-Testing & Delivery of the Website

We are one of the best when it comes to the following services
*Database Application and System Integration
*Lead Capturing and Custom Forms
*Mobile and Responsive Development
*Advanced Languages and Frameworks